Free biblical counseling and mentoring for ministry leaders.



Seeking to put God’s love in action by counseling and equipping pastors and missionaries to live more vibrant and effective lives that positively effect themselves, their families, and the people that God has called them to minister to.


We want to provide free biblical, Christian counseling services to provide help for Pastors, leaders and missionaries. We understand that existing counseling services can be expensive. We believe that our ministry is to serve these individuals without the financial burden.


As in, nothing out of pocket, ever. 


Our services never expose our client's names or information to anyone.


With over 7000 counseling hours and decades of ministry experience, we can help with what you are going through.


We are here for you. We understand the stresses and challenges of ministry and want to help.


“Competent leadership counseling services are vital to effective ministries”

Ken banks  |  Co-Founder

...90 percent of people entering vocational ministry will end up in another field.
— John Ortberg


Pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders need help. Many are burning out and some are turning to besetting sinful behavior that is ripping their families apart.  Ten years after graduating seminary, 90 percent of people entering vocational ministry will end up in another field. This is tragic. It’s the goal of Listen Ministries to help reverse these trends by providing genuine listening, sound biblical Christian counseling, and needed encouragement to these leaders both locally (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and nationally through modern technology. Historically, Christian leaders have not always sought counsel for various reasons such as cost, safety and privacy concerns, and a belief that they can face the challenge alone. Listen Ministries believes that God has put us in community with others and we desire to come alongside those that are in need of compassionate counsel.


Ready to help?