“Many missionaries find it quite difficult to access effective Biblical Counseling on the field. Due to the oftentimes remote conditions, and intense needs of the local community, missionaries are often left isolated and without vital quality counseling services, peer-to-peer encouragement and fellowship. Over years this can take a great spiritual and practical toll on missionaries, their families and the ministry itself. This is especially true for those who minister in independent, small or stand-alone ministries. We would applaud any efforts to address these very vital needs with qualified, Spirit-led and sincerely loving solutions on a confidential and ongoing basis. Limiting help to “crisis counseling” only, or “one-size-fits-all” solutions will simply not satisfy the ongoing need for access to ongoing confidential counseling assistance.”

-Paul Cowley
17 year Missionary to Kenya

“I’ve known Ken Banks for over 20 years and I know of no better counselor and minister of the Gospel. Ken has a heart for people and he has a keen ability to say the right thing at the right time. Listen Ministries exists to help pastors and missionaries. We spend our entire lives giving and that can lead us to emptiness and in need of counsel for ourselves. Ken and his team are equipped for the task of helping pastors and missionaries at crisis time or before the crisis hits.”

-Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor- Calvary Fellowship, Miramar, Florida
Best Selling Author including Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic

“It’s not often one comes across a real genuine man of God, one who exhibits the Fruit of the Spirit consistently. Ken Banks is one of these men and it was my distinct pleasure to encounter him over 20 years ago as a new believer going through a very difficult trial. He provided Godly counsel, encouragement and listened intently with grace, mercy and compassion while still providing biblically sound guidance and direction. His help in providing these additional layers to my spiritual growth was instrumental in providing a strong foundation which clearly influenced where we are today. He is my friend and brother in the Lord. It is with great certainty I am his witness that he continually adds to his reward in heaven for the unselfish work he does for the Lord.“

-Bob di Scipio
Sr. & Founding Pastor, Hope for All Nations Christian Fellowship, Tamarac, FL

“We live in a cultural climate where change moves with turbocharged speed. The landscape of life is increasingly complex and challenging. In addition to leading churches, organizations, and ministry initiatives forward, we are first called to steward the health, strength and vitality of our own souls.

Many times it is this first calling to lead ourselves that lags behind. We become human doings rather than human beings. Frequently, without our awareness, our marriages, family relationships and personal vitality lag behind. In these seasons we need an outside perspective; someone to listen and guide us on the path forward; someone to help us slow down and walk with us on our journey toward becoming the human being God intended us to be.“

-Nathan Tuckey
Lead Pastor, South Ridge Community Church, Clinton, NJ